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Olivia V. Michalski-Ottens, Esq.

Olivia is an exceptional attorney who is dedicated to representing her clients with integrity, compassion, and professional excellence.

Prior to opening Michalski-Ottens Law, Olivia worked at general practice law firms where she handled numerous personal injury matters, PIP arbitrations, real estate closings and municipal cases. 

Olivia understands that communication is the fundamental aspect in an attorney-client relationship and she ensures that her clients receive the highest quality of legal services.


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A consultation is the best way to get started on your path to obtaining legal status, preparing a defense against personal injury proceedings, making a real estate sale, and understanding your legal rights in the United States.

An experienced attorney gives you the best chance of success by evaluating your case, anticipating legal issues, developing strategies and solutions for complicated legal challenges, eliminating confusion, and cutting through red tape and excessive paperwork.

When you retain us as your lawyers, you can count on our experience, legal training, knowledge of the latest changes to the law, and professional commitment to helping our communities.

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Our in-office and over the phone consultations are free of charge.
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Our commitment is to pay special attention to your needs and offer you the best solutions available to your particular case.
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Unlike other firms, you can count on receiving direct access to our team of lawyers when you choose our law office.
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Our team of attorneys speak English and Polish.

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