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An auto accident can happen in a matter of seconds. Most accidents are minor and cause only property damage. However, when a person is injured in an accident, there may be a potential personal injury claim. There are certain steps that should be taken after an accident:

1. At the scene of the accident, your health should be your number one priority. If you are injured and require medical attention, make sure to get yourself to a hospital or see a medical professional. If you are able to conduct some initial investigation, you should take photographs of the vehicles and the scene of the accident. It is also important to take down names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

2. Contact your insurance carrier. It is very important to timely put your insurance carrier on notice of the motor vehicle accident. New Jersey is a “no-fault” insurance state, which means that your insurance company is required to pay certain damages from the accident, such as your medical bills up to your limits. Your insurance company may also cover your property damage.

3. Schedule your appointment at Michalski-Ottens Law. The consultation is free and we do not take a fee unless you win.

4. Medical Treatment – It is important that you are provided with medical assistance for your injuries. Again, your health should be your number one priority. As you continue your recovery, Michalski-Ottens Law will begin obtaining your bills and medical records. 

5. Settlement demand – Once your treatment has been completed, Michalski-Ottens Law will obtain all of your records and begin preparing a demand for settlement. Once the demand is submitted to the “at-fault” parties insurance company, negotiations may begin. When the final offer is extended by the insurance company, Michalski-Ottens Law will discuss with you the option of settling or filing a lawsuit in Court. 

6. Filing a Lawsuit- Statue of Limitations- In New Jersey, a personal injury lawsuit must be filed with the Court within two (2) years of the motor vehicle accident. If your case goes to Court, we will carefully and thoroughly walk you through the process.

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