HELPWhat Is PIP Arbitration?

A PIP arbitration is  a claim for unpaid or underpaid medical bills or services. Here, at Michalski-Ottens Law, we represent medical providers, including hospitals, surgery centers, and doctors who have unpaid bills or have been underpaid for their medical services by insurance companies. 

If you are a doctor or medical provider, Michalski-Ottens Law can help you recover payment for services rendered to patients. 

In order to file a PIP Arbitration demand, there are certain documents that you must have:

1. Assignment of Benefits signed by the patient (AOB);

2. Appeal with fax confirmation or certified mail proof;

3. Health Insurance Claim Form (HICF/bill);

4. Explanation of Benefits (EOB);

5. Medical Records/Daily notes;

6. Pre-certification with fax confirmation or certified mail proof;

7. Diagnostic testing reports.

Do not waste time, contact our office. Claims are time sensitive. 


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